Stetson Kennedy Controversy

Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Newspaper, Book

"Hoodwinked?" - Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt - New York Times Magazine


". . . Kennedy has been duly celebrated for his activism: his friend Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about him, and a Stetson Kennedy Day was recently declared in St. John's County, Fla., where Kennedy, 89, still lives. That is where we interviewed him nearly two years ago; our account of his amazing true story was based on those interviews, "The Klan Unmasked" and a small mountain of history books and newspaper articles. . . "

"Investigation of Stephen J. Dubner & Steven D. Levitt Article" - Charles Patton - Florida Times Union

A times-Union investigation reveals embellishments by Stetson Kennedy, but finds support for the events his books depicts.


". . . As Dubner and Leavitt contend, The Klan Unmasked is not a straightforward work of nonfiction. Although all of the events described in the narrative are supported by documents in the collection, a few have been embellished and quite a few have been given a slightly different context. A number of incidents described firsthand by Kennedy in the book were actually witnessed by someone else or came from third-party accounts . . ."