Airports and Airport Security

"Weapons Still Fly at Airport" - Maki Becker and Greg Gittrich - New York Daily News

News boards 14 Jets with contraband despite security push


". . .To test the supposedly more stringent security imposed at the nation's airports after the Sept. 11 attacks, Daily News reporters boarded flights over the Labor Day weekend carrying contraband - including box cutters, razor knives and pepper spray. Not a single airport security checkpoint spotted or confiscated any of the dangerous items, all of which have been banned from airports and planes by federal authorities. The four airports where the Sept. 11 terrorists boarded planes - Newark International, Boston's Logan Airport, Washington's Dulles International and Portland International Jetport in Maine - were all breached during The News' undercover investigation. . ."

"Fly at Your Own Risk" - David Savini - WBBM-TV (Chicago)