Grace Halsell

Grace Halsell spends time in Ecuador to experience life with the viejos.

"When You've Walked a Mile in Their Shoes" - Grace Halsell - The New York Times


"When I went to live among the Navajos on their vast Southwestern reservation in early 1972. I packed very lightly, but immediately felt weighted down by my own values and conceits. I wanted to go among the Indians, free of my past, an empty vessel, a clean slate, to be nothing and absorb everything, to see, hear, understand only that which was disclosed to me . . ."

"Wisdom on the Hoof" - Grace Halsell - The New York Times


". . .I have been living among the oldest people in the Western Hemisphere - viejos, as they are called in their native Spanish language- in the remote Ecuadorian village of Vilcabamba, nestled like a saucer in the picturesque, rugged and physically inhospitable Andes. . ."

"The Melting Pot's Mexican Roots" - Grace Halsell - The New York Times


"For two years I have been living with people of both sides of the Mexican border investigating the illegal immigrants who are entering this country. . ."