Undercover in the British Army - Russell Sharp - BBC News (UK)

BBC News explains how reporter Russell Sharp went undercover in the military.

"Army Trainers 'Bullied Recruits'" - BBC News (UK)


". . .BBC reporter Russell Sharp spent six months as an infantry recruit at Catterick. He secretly filmed life at the infantry training centre on his mobile phone and recorded his thoughts. He discovered that five instructors, all corporals, were involved in bullying and physically abusing young recruits. . ." 

"'I Did Two Jobs - Reporter and Soldier'" - Russell Sharp - BBC News (UK)

When the BBC Asked Me to Go Undercover in the British Army to Investigate Bullying, I Had to Think Long and Hard


". . .I never forgot why I was there; I had to be the best recruit I could be while at the same time investigating whether the Army had kept its promise to stamp out bullying. In my platoon I saw two corporals lose their temper and break the rules, punching recruits or grabbing them by the neck and throwing them to the ground. . ."

"Army Trainers Suspended From Role" - Sophie Hutchinson - BBC News (UK)


"It comes as the BBC prepares to screen a report on an undercover investigation into bullying of recruits at the Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire. A reporter who spent six months as an infantry recruit at the base uncovered evidence of physical abuse. . ."