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William Gaines discusses his experiences as an undercover reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

"Working Undercover" - Susan Banda - IRE Journal / Milwaukee Journal

Hitman, porn surfer, drug dealer, cop. Eric Szatkowski is a new breed of detective with a face for every crime.


 "Eric Szatkowski, a special agent for Wisconsin's Department of Justice, was Schuman's worst nightmare, one he'll be living for the next 35 years in prison. In his role as undercover cop, the 39-year-old Szatkowski (pronounced zat-kow-ski) switches personalities like people change shoes."

"Going Undercover" - William C. Gaines - The IRE Journal


". . .The undercover account became the frosting on the cake of a thoroughly investigated story involving interviews of patients, medical experts, and former employees. We searched every available public record. My report was only about my experiences, not from overheard conversations or stolen documents. . ."

"Food Lyin' and Other Buttafuocos" - Sandra Davidson - IRE Journal


". . .If journalists continue to demonstrate the questionable ethics contained in the Food Lion case above, perphaps 'meat handling' should become a course in journalism schools' curricula. Treating subjects of stories as 'meat' or 'grist' for the journalism mill is unfortunately becoming a too common practice. This, of course, is not to say that all or majority  or even a large segment of journalists are behaving badly. But the taint from the few rubs off, and the odor is as foul as anything thr Food Lion reporters tried to uncover. . ." (IRE Journal's editors later apologized to ABC or the segment's producers for this piece. See "Apologies to ABC Producers" (  

"Selling Innocence—entry for the IRE Awards" - Dave Savini - IRE Journal