Uncloaking the Lobbyists

Article titled: The Lobby King Returns

Media History

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Reaction: "The Lobby King Returns" - Unsigned - New York World

Edward R. Phelps, the Owner of the Legislature, Again in Albany


"Tax Lobby Builds Ties to Chairman of Finance Panel" - Eric Lipton - New York Times


"'It allows us to scare off opponents,' Mr. Wilkins told the group, which included former Baucus aides turned lobbyists, at a Capitol Hill townhouse owned by Federal Express. 'It is the basis of everything we do. So thank you for your support and everything you have done for Senator Baucus.'" A New York Times reporter in attendance was asked to leave the private event. . . . "

"Liberal Democrats to step up demands for lobbyist register as Patrick Mercer scandal grows and peers are snared by undercover reporters" - Brian Brady and Paul Cahalan - The Independent

Nick Clegg will push David Cameron to deliver on promise for reform


". . .The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is expected to demand the Government honours its commitment to establish an official register of lobbyists, in the wake of allegations that Mr Mercer, a Tory MP, lobbied on behalf of Fiji after being paid thousands of pounds by undercover reporters. . ."

"Patrick Mercer declares payment he accepted from undercover reporters" - Peter Dominiczak - The Telegraph

Patrick Mercer, the MP forced to resign from the Tory party over the lobbying scandal, has officially declared a £2,000 payment he accepted from undercover journalists for work as a consultant.


". . .A Daily Telegraph and BBC Panorama investigation found that the MP for Newark, had tabled five questions to government ministers and put down a parliamentary motion after being paid a total of £4,000 as part of a contract he believed would earn him £24,000 a year. The parliamentary questions were based on a draft given to him by an undercover reporter purporting to be a lobbyist for businesses with interests in Fiji. . ."