Criminals and Crime Rings

Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Magazine, Newspaper, Television

"Undercover Film Exposes 'Fagin School' Teaching Bulgarians to Pick Pockets" - Ian Gallagher - London Daily Mail

"Video shows 'Golden Hands,' a renowned pickpocketing expert; the 77-year-old has schooled hundreds of children in the art of theft; she says many of her pupils are on their way to Britainl


 "The Kardarashi lead ordered, comfortable lives and compared with other Roma groups they enjoy a high standard of living. They choose to live in the suburbs of Stara Zagora, rather than more ramshackle settlements in the city centre.  " . . . Even by Roma standards, the clan is particularly insular and conservative. Disputs are always settled internally by a strictly hierarchical leadership and there is little interaction with mainstream authority. The police simply leave them alone.   " 'Yes, we train our children to pick pockets but we educate them properly too and want them to get good jobs. Pickpocketing is just part of our heritage. . . . "