John Stanley James - Undercover for the Melbourne Argus in the 1870s

"A Night in a Model Lodging House" - John Stanley James - Argus


"There is barely room to walk between the beds; stretching out my arm, I could easily place my hand on the forehead of the man in the next bed; in need, I was distrubed in th enight by a stroke on the cheek from the hand of my lef-hand neighbour, who lashed out wildly, killing mosquitoes in his dreams..."

"A Day in the Immigrant's Home" - John Stanley James - The Argus (Melbourne AU)


 "What is a home? Turning to the dictionaries I find it variously described as a 'place of constant residence;' . . . And so I think the Immigrants' Home is misnamed. Certainly, as a place of constant residence, it is not the home desired by immigrants or to be pointed out as a great inducement to bring people 12,000miles acaross the sea to settle in Victoria. It is not their own house or private dwelling, and if peole dwell together there it cannot be said to be the above of their affections.. . . "

"Manly Sports" - John Stanley James - The Argus


"Hospital Funerals" - John Stanley James - The Argus (Melbourne, AUJ


 " ... The patient being dead, what happens to him? The first thing done is to communicate wiht his friends and ascertain if they are able or willing to bury him. If not, he receives a pauper's funeral at thee Melbourne General Cemetery. . . . "