"Undercover Student" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune

Albuquerque Tribune article titled, "High School Revisited." Written by Leslie Linthicum as part of her "Undercover Students" series.

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I-"High School Revisited" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune

Reporter gets an education in paperwork


From Editor's note: "During January, 24-year-old reporter Leslie Linthicum spent 11 days posing as a student at Eldorado High School. This is the first in a week-long series of articles relating to her experiences."

II-"Nap time at EHS" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune

Class lectures take back seat to filmstrips - and horseplay


Filmstrips have become the teacher's best friend and the student's anesthetic."I'm sick of seeing these Mickey Mouse films that don't tell us anything we don't already know," complained a freckled blonde after the second filmstrip in as many days in Independent Living class.

III-"Building 'walls'" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune

EHS drugs bountiful if you know right person


"If you've got $7 and 15 minutes, you can buy 10 "hits" of low-grade "speed" and one or two pipe bowls of marijuana at Eldorado High School.And once you've "scored," it's easy to find a secure place to get high.

IV-"There's more to EHS than the '3 Rs'" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune


In Human Development class, well-tailored Kathryn Meloy stirred boys and girls alike with the topic of child care and feeding. Prompted by a worksheet that asked, "What would you serve a 3-year-old child at a mid-morning snack?" students launched a lively discussion of the dangers of junk food.Many of the youths strongly opposed feeding children refined sugar, point to evidence linking sugar to hyperactivity. Juice, graham crackers and fruit were the top snack choices. The "practical arts" are emphasized in Albuquerque Public Schools these days,

V-"Serious Students Persevere, Others Talk of Rock, Partying" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune


"Rock and roll, parties and friends are topics of high interest at Eldorado High School. Book learning, to many students, is not."

Reaction to "Undercover Student": "Why EHS?" - Leslie Linthicum - Albuquerque Tribune

Reaction swift on 'undercover student' series - from obscenities and insights to hoorays


"Reaction to The Tribune's "Undercover Student" series came swiftly and with startling intensity last week. Although the series didn't actually start until Tuesday, my telephone began ringing Monday night, after an introductory article was published. And it seldom stopped after that."