"A Bunny's Tale" - Gloria Steinem - Show Magazine

Image of Gloria Steinem going undercover as a Playboy bunny for her article "A Bunny's Tale."

Media History

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I-"A Bunny's Tale" - Gloria Steinem - Show Magazine

"Show's First Expose for Intelligent People"


"What really goes on in their 'glamourous and exciting world'? To find out, Show chose a wirter who combines the hidden qualities of a Phi Beta Kappa, mane cum laude graduate of Smith College with the more obvious ones of an ex-dancer and beauty queen. A few weeks ago, she started her investigations armed with a large diary and this ad: GIRLS: DO PLAYBOY CLUB BUNNIES REALLY HAVE GLAMOROUS JBOS, MEET CELEBRITIES, AND MAKE TOP MONEY?..."

II-"A Bunny's Tale" - Gloria Steinem - Show Magazine


"Editor's Note: As you will remember from last month, our intrepid reporter had adopted a false name (Marie Ochs), answered a classified ad ("Yes, it's true! Attractive young girls can now earn $200-$300 a week at the fabulous New York Playboy Club...") and survived two interviews and a tryout in costume to be hired as a Playboy Club Bunny. After a fitting for false eyelashes, a physical examination, a Bunny Mother Lecture, a Bunny Father Lecture, two indoctrination sessions in Bunny School to learn drink-serving rituals, a study of the Bunny Bible and the revelation that nearly all Bunnies are required to stuff their bosoms, Marie had been called into emergency service at the hat-check stand. "As the story reopens, our undercover Bunny is preparing for her very first night's exposure 'on the floor.'"