Homelessness, Down-and-Out, Broke

Journalist goes undercover to exploit the poor.

Media History

The reporting was intended for these media types: Magazine, Newspaper, Book

I-"In the Guise of a Beggar" - E.M.S - New York World

A Young Woman's Nervy Exploit for the Sunday World; The Poor Who Befriend the Poor


". . .The next who passed was a poor laborer. He came towards me. I was standing back and had not asked him for anything. He put five cents in my hand. 'God help you,' he said, in a low, sympathetic voice, as he reared on. . ."

III-"A Woman in the Steerage" - S. J. Stevenson - New York World

What a Young Lady Experienced on the Adriatic - Wretched Food and Quarters


". . .By 8 o'clock two of the sailors came around with a large pail of coffee and served a dipperful to each person. Then the baker followed with the bread in his apron. It was handled considerably before he got to the last person. . ."

"Girdles the Globe Without a Cent" - Harry A. Franck - New York Times


"I believe a man with a bit of energy and good health could start without money and make a journey around the globe. . . ."

"I Was a Bum" - Dick J. Reavis - Texas Monthly

Skid Row, Where the Good Things in Life Are a Fresh Bottle, a Soup Kitchen, and a Sunny Street Corner


". . .By six o'clock I'm back out on the sidewalk. The doors close at seven for the worship service, and in order to sleep at the mission, you've got to attend. Between supper and salvation time, the men smoke a few cigarettes and go around the corners of the building in two and threes to take last minute swigs from their bottles. If Brother Bob or other mission mean catch them, they'll be turned away at the door. . ."

"Just Another Night on Crack Street" - Philippe Bourgois - New York Times and his book, "In Search of Respect"

An Anthropologist on Fieldwork Leave from San Francisco State University Is Writing a Book About Street Culture in East Harlem


"The heavyset undercover policeman pushed me across the ice-cream counter, spreadking my legs and poking me around the groin. As he came dangerously close to the bulge in my right pocket, I hissed in his ear, 'It's a tape recorder.' He snapped backward, releasing his grip on my neck, whisphering a barely audible, 'Sorry.' . . ."

"Bottled Dreams" - Dick J. Reavis - Dallas Observer

A Tale of Street People


". . .It was mid-October, and I was spending my days at the main library, eyes peeled for a story to write while my mobility returned. My colleagues and editors has gone through ethical spasms about the need for me to tell the winos that I was reporting on the, but all of that was beside the point. Nobody had asked if I might be doing a job, and when I told people that I was a journalist in real life, they thought I was just telling a wino tale. I had become one of the crowd, because I looked the part. . ."

"Undercover Reporter Gains Dh150 in 20 Minutes by Begging" - Staff Report - Gulf News

Dubai Police Arrest 131 Beggars During Campaign Against Begging Since July 17


"In a bid to disclose how easy it is to make a living from begging, a female reporter from the local media has gone undercover as a beggar and received Dh150 in 20 minutes, Dubai Police said. . ."

"Panhandling Undercover" - Raymond Rendleman - Lake Oswego Review


 "Spears, 33, served for a year in the U.S. military's Iraq operations before using the 9/11 G.I. Bill to pay the costs for earnng an economics and political science degree from George Fox University this spring.  "Standing for 80 hours on the OC exit ramp started as a project to satisfy his own curiosity during summer break before his senior year. With his eye-opening findings, he successfully raised $5,000 through an online kickstarter campaign to launch his literary career."