Deep Encounters with Religious Groups

"The Best Little Hell House in Texas" - Vice - Harmon Leon


 ". . .  'When the visitors come in,' Brother Thomas says, leading me to the room where a fake abortion performed by actors using grocery store meat to simulate a discarded fetus is supposed to scare kids away from premarital sex, 'what I need you to do is yell in a strong voice, 'Watch the steps!' If we don't say, 'Watch your step,' and they fall, we're liable."

"Frat House for Jesus" - Peter J. Boyer - The New Yorker

The Entity Behind C Street


". . .The men leading this intervention considered themselves Ensign’s closest friends in Washington. Four of those who confronted Ensign—Senator Tom Coburn and Representatives Bart Stupak, Mike Doyle, and Zach Wamp—lived with him in nineteenth century brick row house on C Street, in southeast Washington, a short walk from the Capitol. The men regarded themselves in part as an accountability group. Despite their political differences—Coburn and Wamp are Republicans, Stupak and Doyle are Democrats—they had pledged to hold one another to a life lived by the principles of Jesus, and they considered the Tuesday supper gatherings at C Street an inviolable ritual. . ."

"A California Teenager Goes Undercover to Investigate Life Among the Moonies" - Scott Keeler - People Magazine


"Jesus Made Me Puke and Other Tales From the Evangelical Front Lines" - Matt Taibbi - Rolling Stone


"Jesus Plus Nothing: Undercover Among America's Secret Theocrats" - Jeff Sharlet - Harper's


"This is how they pray; a dozen clear-eyed, smooth-skinned 'brothers' gathered together in a huddle, arms crossing over shoulders like the weave of a cable, leaning in one one another and swaying like the long grass up the hill from the house they share. The house is a handsome, gray, two-story colonial that smells of new carpet and Pine-Sol and aftershave; the men who live there call it Ivanwald . . ."