Reaction: Walter Reed - "Dole, Shalala to Lead Troop-Care Panel" - Josh White - Washington Post

Bipartisan Commission Will Evaluate Treatment, From Battlefield to Civilian Life

Byline: Josh White; 2007-03-07; The Washington Post; pages A5

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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Bush's executive order yesterday created the President's Commission on Care for Returning Wounded Warriors, a nine-member group that Dole and Shalala will lead. Its mission will be to examine how wounded forces transition from the battlefield to civilian society and to evaluate "the coordination, management and adequacy of the delivery of health care, disability, traumatic injury, education, employment, and other benefits and services."

Description:President Bush announces that former senator Robert J. Dole and former secretary of health and human services Donna E. Shalala will co-chair a commission in charge of reviewing troop reintegration into civilian life.

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A photo of President Bush making an announcement. Accompanying Josh White's Washington Post article, "Dole, Shalala to Lead Troop-Care Panel."