Reaction: Walter Reed - "At Walter Reed, Bush Offers an Apology" - Peter Baker - Washington Post

Byline: Peter Baker; 2007-03-31; The Washington Post; pages A1

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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"I was disturbed by their accounts of what went wrong," he said in a speech to hospital staff members after the tour. "It is not right to have someone volunteer to wear our uniform and not get the best possible care. I apologize for what they went through, and we're going to fix the problem."

Description:President Bush visits Walter Reed to inspect the repairs and deliver a speech to its officers and staff, over one month after the poor condition of the Army's medical facility was revealed by The Washington Post.

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A photo of President Bush visiting a resident at Walter Reed. Accompanying Peter Baker's Washington Post article titled, "At Walter Reed, Bush Offers an Apology."