Reaction: Walter Reed - "Substandard Conditions at VA Centers Noted: 90% of More than 1,000 Problems Reported Are Routine, Officials Say" - Ann Scott Tyson - Washington Post

90% of More than 1,000 Problems Reported Are Routine, Officials Say

Byline: Ann Scott Tyson; 2007-03-22; The Washington Post; pages A12

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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"Staffs at other facilities raised concerns about patient safety. The hospital in Amarillo, Tex., cited problems with fire and smoke alarms, while several others described leaks that have created either mold or the potential for mold, in addition to air-quality problems. More troubling, at least three mental health facilities -- in Philadelphia; Montrose, N.Y.; and Fayetteville, N.C. -- reported the need for renovations to remove suicide hazards such as hand rails and certain plumbing fixtures. The inpatient psychiatry unit in Philadelphia is scheduled for renovation at the end of this fiscal year, and until then "constant attention will be given to ensure cleanliness and patient safety," the facility said."

Description:A report by the Department of Veterans Affairs surveyed the conditions of over one thousand hospitals and other veteran care facilities and found poor conditions across the board.

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