Follow-up: Walter Reed - "Delayed Benefits Frustrate Veterans" - Christopher Lee - Washington Post

Hundreds of Thousands of Disability Claims Pending at VA; Current Wars Likely to Strain System Further

Byline: Christopher Lee; 2007-04-08; The Washington Post; pages A4

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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"Hundreds of thousands of veterans, many approaching the winter of their lives, await VA disability claim decisions that will provide or deny a key source of income...Nearly 400,000 disability claims were pending as of February, including 135,741 that exceeded VA's 160-day goal for processing them. The department takes six months, on average, to process a claim, and the waiting time for appeals averages nearly two years."

Description:An article highlighting the inefficient and painstakingly slow disability claims process of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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