Reaction: Walter Reed - "VA Secretary Is Ending a Trying Tenure" - Christopher Lee - Washington Post

Difficulties Include Big Data Breach and Criticism of Care for Veterans Fresh From War

Byline: Christopher Lee; 2007-07-18; The Washington Post; pages A3

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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"The agency has faced considerable criticism for its treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as they move from the military health-care system to VA's, and for its chronically slow processing of disability claims by injured or sick veterans from all eras. Critics complain about lost paperwork, a shortage of VA caseworkers, a caseload of 400,000 pending disability claims and long waits for initial appointments in the VA health-care system."

Description:A retrospective story about the career of former secretary of veterans affairs R. James Nicholson, who resigned after the Walter Reed veteran health-care scandal.

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