"Army to Train Soldiers About Brain Injuries, Other Mental Health Concerns" - Josh White - Washington Post

Byline: Josh White; 2007-07-18; The Washington Post; pages A3

Report: Inside Walter Reed Army Medical Center 2003, 2007 - Salon, The Washington Post


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"Army officials hope that the training will increase the number of reported cases of such problems as soldiers become more comfortable seeking help for nightmares, flashbacks and emotional withdrawal. That, however, will probably stretch Army resources; the service is already short about 270 mental health providers nationwide. There are about 200 mental health experts on the battlefield who help care for soldiers facing the daily threats of makeshift bombs, sniper fire and injury to comrades."

Description:In an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding PTSD and other traumatic brain injuries, the U.S. is launching a campaign designed to teach all enlisted soldiers how to identify PTSD-like symptoms and other warning signs.

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