"Uncovering Misery at Walter Reed" - Lori Robertson - American Journalism Review

Byline: Lori Robertson; 2007-01-04; American Journalism Review; pages 10-12

Report: Undercover Journalism Debated


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Q: Can you talk just a little bit about when and how this story began? Dana Priest: We got a tip from someone that neither one of us knew and went out to an initial meeting with this person. And the person had had contact with some families at Walter Reed, and those families had told the person about their story ... And then it evolved like really any kind of basic investigative stuff does. You create a net; the net grows. Those initial families put us on to other families and other families and soldiers along the way and eventually staff members and former staff members.

Description:Q&A with the Washington Post reporters Anne Hull and Dana Priest, who wrote the Pulitzer-Prize-winning series on the poor conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The interview addresses the genesis, reporting and writing of the series.

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