"Silent Treatment" - Adam Reilly - The Boston Phoenix

Solving the press’s credit problem

Byline: Adam Reilly; 2007-03-14; The Boston Phoenix; 

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"Being a journalist means not having to admit someone else got there first. Unlike academics, reporters can largely ignore their predecessors’ contributions to a given story — naming an occasional colleague or competitor if we’re feeling generous, dropping in 'reportedly' now and again, or maybe just giving no credit at all. This probably improves readability, especially in lengthier, more complex stories. It also lets journalists deceive the public — and themselves — with a flattering illusion of self-reliance."

Description:Prompted by the Washington Post's coverage of the Walter Reed facilities, Adam Reilly at the Boston Phoenix writes an article about the dubious ethics of giving credit among journalists. Crediting the reporting of your predecessors can sometimes be of vital importance to the covered story and its claims to truth.

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