"Slave Dealing in New-Orleans--An Auction" - New York Tribune

Byline: Northrop; 1846-01-26; The New York Tribune; pages 1

Report: Reporting Slavery - The New York Tribune

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I saw some 40 or 50 very fine-looking negroes and negresses, all neatly dressed, standing on a bench directly in front of a building, which I took to be a meeting or school house, walking by, a genteel-looking man stepped up and asked me if I wished to buy a likely boy or girl. Telling him I was a stranger and asking for information, he told me it was one of the slave-markets: that they stood there for examination and that he had sold 50,000 dollars worth and sent them off that morning.

Description:A correspondent for the New York Tribune attends a slave market where he witnesses the examination and sale of individual slaves and even an entire family.

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New York Tribune article titled, "Slave Dealing in New-Orleans--An Auction." Written by Northrop.