III-"The Witches of New-York" - Mortimer Thomson - New York Tribune

Madame Leander Lent

Byline: Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B.; 1857-01-24; The New York Tribune; pages 3

Report: "The Witches of New York" - Mortimer Thomson (Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B) - New York Tribune

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Hercules, is his capacity of an amateur scavenger, once attempted the cleaning of the Augean stables, or some such trifle, and his success was trumpeted throughout the neighborhood as a triumph of ingenuity ans perseverance. If Hercules would come to Gotham and try his hand at the purgation of Mulberry street, our word for it, he would, in less than a week, knock out his brains with his own club in utter despair.

Description:The third installment of "The Witches of New-York" series by the Tribune's humorist Mortimer Thomson (a.k.a. Doesticks)

Rights: Public domain.

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A New York Tribune article written as part of the "The Witches of New-York" series by Mortimer Thomson.