IV-"The Witches of New-York" - Mortimer Thomson - New York Tribune

Madame Bruce, the "Mysterious Vailed Lady"

Byline: Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B.; 1857-01-27; The New York Tribune; pages 5

Report: "The Witches of New York" - Mortimer Thomson (Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B) - New York Tribune

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Our reporter expected much from his visit to this lady, and paid more then ordinary attention to the decoration of the external individual, before he proceeded to search out the fair being referred to in her advertisement, which is subjoined:ASTONISHING TO ALL - Madame Bruce, the Mysterious Vailed Lady, can be consulted on all events of life, at No. 513 Broome Street, one door from Thompson. She is a second sight seer and was born with a natural gift.

Description:Fourth article in the Tribune's "The Witches of New-York" series written by acclaimed humorist Mortimer Thomson under his pen-name Doesticks.

Rights: Public domain.

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A New York Tribune article written as part of the "The Witches of New-York" series by Mortimer Thomson.