IX-"The Witches of New-York" - Mortimer Thomson - New York Tribune

A Wizard – Dr. Wilson. No.172 Delancey street

Byline: Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B.; 1857-02-14; The New York Tribune; pages 5

Report: "The Witches of New York" - Mortimer Thomson (Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B) - New York Tribune

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Old dreamy sol Gills, of coffee-colored memory, has been admiringly recommended to the good opinion of the world by his friend Capt. Ed'ard Cuttle, mariner of England, as a man "chock full of science." From the same eminent authority we also learn that Jack Bunsby was an individual of learning so vast, and experience so varied and comprehensive, that he never opened his oracular mouth but out fell "solid chunks of wisdom."

Description:The ninth article in The New York Tribune's series about astrologers and fortunetellers titled "The Witches of New-York," all written by humorist Mortimer Thomson under his pseudonym "Doesticks."

Rights: Public domain.

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A New York Tribune article written as part of the "The Witches of New-York" series by Mortimer Thomson.