X-"The Witches of New-York" - Mortimer Thomson - New York Tribune

Madame Clifton. No.185 Orchard street, Near Stanton

Byline: Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B.; 1857-02-24; The New York Tribune; pages 7

Report: "The Witches of New York" - Mortimer Thomson (Q.K. Philander Doesticks, P.B) - New York Tribune

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The female professors of the Black Art hitherto visited by our reporter had not impressed him with a proposed belief in their supernatural powers; he was "anxious," and was "awakened to inquiry," but he still had doubts, and there was great danger of his backsliding if there wasn't something immediately done for him. 

Description:The tenth article in The New York Tribune's series about astrologers and fortunetellers titled "The Witches of New-York," all written by humorist Mortimer Thomson under his pseudonym "Doesticks."

Rights: Public domain.

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A New York Tribune article written as part of the "The Witches of New-York" series by Mortimer Thomson.