IV-"Doing Time" - Richard Stewart - Boston Globe

Jail Boredom Biggest Hassle

Byline: Richard H. Stewart; 1983-12-30; The Boston Globe; pages 33

Report: "Doing Time" - Richard H. Stewart - Boston Globe

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In the semidarkness of the cell block, I was startled by the occasional eruption of sparks from the granite floor outside my cell. After a moment, I realized the inmates on the two tiers above me were flipping cigarettes out their cell doors. They were landing on the floor in the Flats. The Flats, as the first level is known, was everybody's wastebasket and ashtray. And my cell, No. 6, was in the middle of the row. 

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Boston Globe article titled, "Everyday Diversions." Written by Richard Stewart as part of his "Doing Time" series.