VI-"Behind Prison Bars" - Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

Cons Get It Together

Byline: Charles Howe; 1971-03-02; San Francisco Chronicle; pages A1

Report: "Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley & Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

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". . .Mulligan sat alone in his cell in San Quentin's B-Wing, a place of isolation for violent and recalcitrant prisoners. Inmates call it "the hole." Mulligan is only 23 years old, a convicted burglar with a long history of petty crimes behind him. Relatively passive on the streets, we could have been out long ago - if he had not violently resisted The System while inside prison. Mulligan has a swastika tattooed on his forearm - the one covered with self-inflicted wounds from a razor blade. Mulligan says he is a 'Nazi' . . ."

Description:Part six of Findley and Howe's "Behind Prison Bars" series, this article describes how serving time can radicalize prison inmates, turning both black and white into "leftist revolutionaries" bent on "fighting the system," sometimes turning petty criminals into violent offenders serving extended sentences.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Cons Get It Together." Written by Charles Howe as part of the "Behind Prison Bars" series.