VIII-"Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley - San Francisco Chronicle

The Men Without Hope

Byline: Tim Findley; 1971-03-03; San Francisco Chronicle; pages A1

Report: "Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley & Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

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". . .California prison officials have an annoying habit of putting together two-syllable words to describe a one-syllable mess. Prisons are "correctional facilities." Guards are "correctional officers." And what inmates and staff alike most often refer to as "the hole" is officially known as "the adjustment center." Prison in California is like the descending levels of Dante's hell, with the adjustment center almost, but not quite, at the bottom. . ."

Description:Part of The Chronicle's "Behind Prison Bars" series, this article describes "adjustment centers" (also called "the hole"), where particularly violent inmates are confined to tiny individual cells for up to 23 hours a day as punishment for misbehaving.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "The Men Without Hope." Written by Tim Findley as part of the "Behind Prison Bars" series.