XA-"Behind Prison Bars: The Meanest Con's Death Row Assault" - Unsigned - San Francisco Chronicle

Byline: Unsigned; 1971-03-05; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 6

Report: "Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley & Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

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". . .The meanest man in San Quentin kept up his reputation yesterday when he and a fellow Death Row inmate tried unsuccessfully to stab a correctional officer with homemade knives, prison officials revealed. Lawrence had gone to Lara's cell with medicine, but Lara was waiting with a spikelike device concealed under a blanket. He thrust it at the officer, but missed, officials said. . ."

Description:This unsigned article reports on an attempted stabbing of a San Quentin guard by notoriously violent Death Row inmate Robles.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "The Meanest Con's Death Row Assault." Written as part of the "Behind Prison Bars" series.