XIIA-"Behind Prison Bars: Quentin Stabbings - 5 Inmates Hurt" - Unsigned - San Francisco Chronicle

". . .A 'lockdown' of all but essential activities at San Quentin Prison was ordered at 2 p.m. yesterday by Warden Louis Nelson after five inmates had been stabbed in a 24-hour period. Inmates were returned to their cells and remained there except to march to meals under unusually heavy guard. Associate Warden James Park said there appears to be a 'pattern of retaliation' on the part of blacks, whites and chicanos despite the effort of inmate leaders to 'cool the situation' . . ."

Description:An article about a "lockdown" at San Quentin Prison, following a spree a stabbings that left 5 inmates injured. Although the article is unsigned, Chronicle reporter Charles Howe was in the middle of a one-week undercover stint as a prison guard at San Quentin and therefore a likely contributer to this report.

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San Francisco Chronicle article written as part of the "Behind Prison Bars" series. Author unsigned.