XIV-"Behind Prison Bars: How Experts Want to Change Prisons" - Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

Men Who Shouldn't Be There

Byline: Charles Howe; 1971-03-15; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

Report: "Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley & Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

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"Throughout California a number of dedicated men and women in and out of the Department of Corrections are quietly working to reduce the state's prison population by at least half. Here are some of their conclusions:  The amount of time a man serves behind bars has no relation to whether or not he will fail in the streets and be returned to prison.   Men convicted of property crimes - as opposed to violent crimes - never should be sent to prison. . ."

Description:A detailed article exploring what is wrong with California's corrections system and how officials and others associated with the Department of Corrections think it should be changed.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Men Who Shouldn't Be There." Written by Charles Howe as part of the "Behind Prison Bars" series.