III-"Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley - San Francisco Chronicle

Soledad's 'Hole' - A Setting for Death, Revenge

Byline: Tim Findley; 1971-02-24; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

Report: "Behind Prison Bars" - Tim Findley & Charles Howe - San Francisco Chronicle

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". . .Cal McEndree, the blunt-talking "Program Administrator" of the two wings was sent to Soledad last year by State Corrections Director Raymond Procunier in what was understood by most to be an effort to clean up the violent reputation of Soledad's adjustment center.  Since he has been there, McEndree, widely respected by inmates for his firm, but straightforward and honest manner, has let more men out of Soledad's "hole" than had been thought possible a year before. There is some belief among observers that McEndree may even succeed in closing down at least half of the adjustment center within the next year. . ."

Description:The third article in the "Behind Prison Bars" series talks about the history of violence in Soledad Prison's "adjustment centers" also called "the hole," where the facility's most violent inmates are segregated. In addition to including the reactions of both inmates and guards to the recent violence, the article also features an interview with Cal McEndree, the well-respected director of Soledad's adjustment centers, who speaks about the difficulties of reducing violence in the prison.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Soledad's 'Hole' – A Setting for Death, Revenge." Written by Tim Findley as part of his "Behind Prison Bars" series.