IV-"Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

'Death Cup' Perils Kankakee Inmates

Byline: Frank Smith; 1935-07-18; Chicago Daily Times; pages 3

Report: "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

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"Common drinking cups - repugnant source of infections and disease - outlawed for a quarter of a century by the Illinois criminal code - shared with four drooling-mouth cancer patients and a "four plus" syphilitic. This was one of the nauseous conditions I had to endure during my seven days in the madhouse. It was distasteful, but it was a necessary evil. I had a job to do. Sane, I had to share the fate of the insane. I realized all that, and was prepared to go through with my investigation of reported unsanitary conditions. "

Description:In this fourth installment of "Seven Days in the Madhouse" Smith runs into two patients who recognize him, nearly blowing his cover. He also happens across his ward's common drinking cup - a violation of Illinois state health codes.

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Chicago Daily Times article titled, "'Death Cup' Perils Kankakee Inmates." Written by Frank Smith as part of his series, "Seven Days in the Madhouse!"