VIII-"Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

Attempted Suicide at Kankakee Hospital

Byline: Frank Smith; 1935-07-24; Chicago Daily Times; pages 3

Report: "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" - Frank Smith - Chicago Daily Times

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"Somebody shoved Mr. M---- into the room and he at once captured my interest. His temples were scarred and his neck all across the back was scored with slashes, freshly painted with mercurochrome. Louie L-----, the "tub" room trust, greeted me from the door, and explained about Mr. M----. "He's nuts," said Louie. "He's got bad blood, and he tried to kill himself with a piece of window pane. Don't pay no attention to him. Say I've got some swell socks, brand new. I'll sell 'em cheap to you, cause you're my pal." I wasn't interested in socks at the time. Not with Mr. M---- willing to tell me about his suicide attempt."

Description:In this eighth article in the "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series, Frank Smith reveals his conversations with fellow patient at Kankakee Mr. M - who attempted suicide multiple times during his extended stay at the mental hospital.

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Chicago Daily Times article titled, "Attempted Suicide at Kankakee Hospital."Written by Frank Smith as part of his series, "Seven Days in the Madhouse!"