I-"Prisoners of Poverty: Women wage-workers, their trades and their lives" - Helen Campbell - New York Tribune

"Worker and Trade"

Byline: Helen Campbell; 1886-10-24; The New York Tribune; pages 13

Report: "Prisoners of Poverty" - Helen Campbell - The New York Tribune

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The difficulties to be faced by the woman whose only way of self-support is limited to the needle, whether in machine or hand work, are fourfold. (1) Her own incompetency must very often head the list and prevent her from securing first-class work; (2) middle-men or sweaters lower the price to starvation point; (3) contract work done in prisons or reformatories brings about the same result; and (4) she is underbid from still another quarter, that of the country woman who takes the work at any price offered.

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New York Tribune article titled, "Worker and Trade." Written by Helen Campbell as part of her "Prisoners of Poverty" series.