II-"Studies in the Slums" - Helen Campbell - Lippincott's


"My father was a counterfeiter, and ran away from justice before I ever I can remember him. There was a lot of us, an' me they put with me grandmother. She was old an' a devout Romanist, an' many's the time, she she was tellin' her beads an' kissin' the floors for penance, I'd shy thing at her, just to hear her curse an' swear at me, an' then back to her knees. I'd got well beyond her or anybody by the time I was thirteen. They let me run loose."

Description:Campbell's second article in the series "Studies in the Slums" tells the story of Jerry, a bird-collector and reformed ex-convict that lives in the Water Street tenements. Told from Jerry's point of view, the article gives an account of his life and imprisonment and his ultimate reform and conversion to Christianity. Campbell's articles published in Lippincott's Magazine, along with those from Sunday Afternoon, were reprinted in a book titled "The Problem of the Poor " (1888).

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