V-"Studies in the Slums" - Helen Campbell - Lippincott's

"Diet and Its Doings"

"It's Norah can cook equal to myself," Norah had said with pride as she emptied the black and smoking mass into a dish; and these methods certainly cannot be said to be difficult to follow.There is no conservatism like the conservatism of ignorance, yet in this case want of knowledge there certainly was not. Norah had lived for two years before her marriage with a family the mistress of which had taught her patiently and indefatigably till she became able to set a fairly-cooked meal upon the table, but the knowledge acquired then seemed to have been laid aside as having no connection with her own life.

Description:Half academic and half ethnographic, in this article Campbell writes about the role of nutrition and welfare of New York's poor. She recounts her visit to a tenement kitchen where the women have barely rudimentary cooking skills. Campbell's articles published in Lippincott's Magazine, along with those from Sunday Afternoon, were reprinted in a book titled "The Problem of the Poor " (1888).

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