VI-"Studies in the Slums" - Helen Campbell - Lippincott's

"Jan in the North"

On the wall, near the small looking-glass, hung a round cap with hanging fox's tail - such a cap as the half-bloods of our north-western forests wear, and the peasants of the European North as well.Jan smiled as he saw my puzzled look. "It iss vy I say I will tell it all," he went on in his grave, steady voice. "Ven I see dat it iss to see de North. For, see, it vas not alvays I am in de city. No. It iss true I am many years in Stockholm, but I am not Swede: I am Finn - yes, true Finn - and as know my own tongue vell, and dat is vat some Finns will nefer do."

Description:Campbell describes her encounter with a Finnish immigrant and his culture in the Cherry Street tenements of Lower Manhattan. Campbell's articles published in Lippincott's Magazine, along with those from Sunday Afternoon, were reprinted in a book titled "The Problem of the Poor" (1888).

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