Reaction: "Prisoners of Poverty" - Helen Campbell - New York Tribune

Undertaking a Nobel Cause; An Admirable Example; Woman's Work; To The Lady of the House

From "Women's Work" in The Brooklyn Eagle:The prescription of Mayor Hewitt and other people - "Go out to domestic service" - is hardly prepared after a thorough diagnosis of this particular social disease. Besides, if it were, the women would not take the medicine unless they chose. Here again facts run against theories, and millionaire publicists no more than other persons can escape the catastrophe. Cleaning and "upstairs work" are honorable employments - for good cooks and efficient chambermaids. So the position of bootblack or waiter is one in which a man may get through life creditably and respectfully. But if men who are not fitted for these occupations, or who think they can do better, are not forced into them, why should women be urged into corresponding employments as to which they hold like views?

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Reactions to Helen Campbell's New York Tribune series, "Prisoners of Poverty."