Followup: "Prisoners of Poverty" - Helen Campbell - New York Tribune

"Commisoner McClave's Plan; He Suggests a Women's Protective Bureau Supported by the State - Housework"

Police Commissioner John McClave said he had read the articles on "Prisoners of Poverty" in The Tribune with much interest. "I think," he said, "every intelligent man who reads those papers must see that something ought to be done soon for the protection of these working women in this city. It is easier to see the need of protecting than to devise a plan for securing it. I have been thinking over the subject and am convinced that Legislature could furnish some relief, but not all that is needed. It is plain that the law at present does not prevent crafty and unscrupulous men from robbing women of their just wages."

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New York Tribune follow-up to Helen Campbell's "Prisoners of Poverty" series.