V-Medicaid Probe: "How a Physician Can Prescribe Pure Dollars" - William Sherman - New York Daily News

Byline: William Sherman; 1973-01-30; New York Daily News; pages 5

Report: Medicaid Probe - William Sherman - New York Daily News


The pharmacy in the Delancey Medical Building is only a counter in a second-floor hallway and behind that, a room with some shelves and a small working area for mixing prescriptions.But last year, out of that small one-man operation at 80 Delancey St. came $95,000 worth of medicaid billings. The business was generated from a large group of doctors, dentists, podiatrists, and other specialists who also rent space on that floor and cater almost exclusively to medicaid clients.

Description:The fifth installment of a Pulitzer-prize-winning series exposing medicaid fraud by New York Daily News reporter William Sherman reveals how doctors and pharmacies work together to maximize their profits.

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New York Daily News article titled, "How a Physician Can Prescribe Pure Dollars." Written by William Sherman as part of a medicaid fraud investigation series.