VI-Medicaid Probe: "Foot Docs Wearing a 35M Golden Slipper" - William Sherman - New York Daily News

Byline: William Sherman; 1973-01-31; New York Daily News; pages 5

Report: Medicaid Probe - William Sherman - New York Daily News


Podiatrists have socked the city for more than $35 million in the last seven years. The taxpayers are footing the bill for expensive and often unnecessary care, according to the city's Health Department.A News reporter, posing as a welfare client with a medicaid card, recently asked for a podiatrist at a lower East Side group practice. He found that bills and X-rays come first, before he even took off his socks and shoes.

Description:In this sixth installment of the New York Daily News' investigation into medicaid fraud by William Sherman, he goes into a podiatrists office hoping that a doctor will look at his foot - and they do everything but.

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New York Daily News article titled, "Foot Docs Wearing a 35M Golden Slipper." Written by William Sherman as part of a Medicare fraud investigation series.