V-"Sex Perverts, Extortionists Run the Cells" - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

Byline: Pierre Salinger; 1953-01-30; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

Report: California Jails Expose - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

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"A 23-year-old electrician, convicted of drunk driving, was shoved into a large tank cell in a Southern California County Jail two weeks ago. A squat man, languishing on the lower bunk of one of the small cells inside the tank rose to his feet. . ."

Description:In the fifth installment to the California Jails Expose series, Salinger describes instances of extortion that are commonplace in California's County jails.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Sex Perverts, Extortionists Run the Cells." Written by Pierre Salinger.