VI-"Alcoholic as 'Tank Judge'" - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

Reporter 'Does Time' at Bakersfield, Again Finds Bad Food, Overcrowding

Byline: Pierre Salinger; 1953-02-01; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

Report: California Jails Expose - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

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Duggan, "The Duke," a tall, thin dark-haired alcoholic met me as I walked into block "Left Three" of the Kern County Jail at Bakersfield on a sunny Friday morning two weeks ago. He was the assistant Tank Judge.

Description:In the sixth installment to the California Jails Expose series, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Pierre Salinger describes his first day and night at the second jail he gained access to: Kern County Jail at Bakersfield.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Alcoholic as 'Tank Judge.'" Written by Pierre Salinger.