"Behind California Bars" - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

Men in S.F. Jails Get Helping Hand

Byline: Pierre Salinger; 1953-02-07; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

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"The league found some employers who would hire released prisoners. Several large railroad companies agreed to hire men for laboring work. The league talked to labor unions. In some cases labor unions waived initiation fees for six months so an ex-prisoner could get a job and get on his feet. . ."

Description:In a supplementary article to the California County Jails Expose, Chronicle reporter Pierre Salinger profiles the Northern California Service League, a organization dedicated to helping recently released convicts find housing, jobs and readjust to living on the outside.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "Behind California Bars: Men in S.F. Jails Get Helping Hand." Written by Pierre Salinger.