"'Worst Institutions'" - Pierre Salinger - San Francisco Chronicle

Poor Jails Cause Crowding in Prisons

Byline: Pierre Salinger; 1953-02-09; San Francisco Chronicle; pages 1

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"To Richard McGee, one of America's top penologists and the head of California's Department of Corrections, the problems of our poor county jails adds up to to this: 'The people who run our jails don't know how to run them. And in many cases they're not even interested in finding out' . . ."

Description:In a supplementary article to the California County Jails Expose series, Salinger reports on top American penologist Richard McGee's possible solutions to the poor conditions and overcrowding of California's county jails.

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San Francisco Chronicle article titled, "'Worst Institutions': Poor Jails Cause Crowding in Prisons." Written by Pierre Salinger.