IV-"Our Costly Dilemma" - Ed [Edgar] May - Buffalo Evening News

Relief Workers Caught in a Jungle of Red Tape

Byline: Ed May; 1960-06-10; Buffalo Evening News; 

Report: "Our Costly Dilemma" - Edgar (Ed) May - Buffalo Evening News

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In a gray filing cabinet in the office of the Erie County Welfare Department where I worked there are supplies of forms that include a list of 65 different ones most frequently used by caseworkers.Each, used in duplicate or triplicate, serves a particular function in the paper empire that has grown with the administration of public welfare.

Description:The fourth installment of "Our Costly Dilemma," Ed May's series for the Buffalo Evening News about New York State's welfare program. In this article, May describes the ludicrous amount of paperwork required by welfare caseworkers.

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Buffalo Evening News article titled, "Relief Workers Caught in a Jungle of Red Tape." Written by Ed May as part of the "Our Costly Dilemma" series.