V-"Our Costly Dilemma" - Ed [Edgar] May - Buffalo Evening News

Families Shirk Legal Duty To Take Care of Their Own

Byline: Ed May; 1960-06-11; Buffalo Evening News; 

Report: "Our Costly Dilemma" - Edgar (Ed) May - Buffalo Evening News

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In Erie County today and in other New York counties, there are thousands of men and women who weekly deduct part of their take home pay and give it to a needy parent, an elderly aunt or children whose early marriage is being threatened by financial shoals.But there are others whose charity never began at home or anywhere else.

Description:In this fifth installment of Ed May's "Our Costly Dilemma" series, he reports that relatives of those eligible for welfare benefits rarely take it upon themselves to help support their kin.

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Buffalo Evening News article titled, "Families Shirk Legal Duty to Take Care of Their Own." Written by Ed May as part of the "Our Costly Dilemma" series.