X-"Our Costly Dilemma" - Ed [Edgar] May - Buffalo Evening News

Major Welfare Problem Is Hiring, Keeping Staff

Byline: Ed May; 1960-06-17; Buffalo Evening News; 

Report: "Our Costly Dilemma" - Edgar (Ed) May - Buffalo Evening News

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Suppose where you work that half the personnel would leave every year. Could your office, factory or business operate efficiently?This is one of the major problems facing public welfare today in Erie County and across the state. Last year 68 of 121 caseworkers left the county welfare service.

Description:In the tenth article of "Our Costly Dilemma," Buffalo Evening News reporter Ed May turns his attention to the difficulties faced by welfare caseworkers. May worked as one in the Erie County Department of Social Welfare for three months as part of his research for the series.

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Buffalo Evening News article titled, "Major Welfare Problem is Hiring, Keeping Staff." Written by Ed May as part of the "Our Costly Dilemma" series.