XI-"Our Costly Dilemma" - Ed [Edgar] May - Buffalo Evening News

Medical Costs Are Major Factors In Our Ailing Welfare System

Byline: Ed May; 1960-06-18; Buffalo Evening News; 

Report: "Our Costly Dilemma" - Edgar (Ed) May - Buffalo Evening News

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Every day in Erie County there are scores of men, women and children sitting in doctors' waiting rooms. When they come out their bill will be sent to you - the taxpayer.Today, too, there are hundreds occupying public and private hospital beds. When they are discharged the statement will be sent to you - the taxpayer.

Description:Ed May writes about the increasing costs of hospitalization and medical care in general and its burden on New York State's welfare system.

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Buffalo Evening News article titled, "Medical Costs Are Major Factors in Our Ailing Welfare System." Written by Ed May as part of the "Our Costly Dilemma" series.